Thursday, June 27, 2013

Who is corrupting who here....

Recently I got this message from a linkedIn connection purportedly from the UK.

Dear Nicholas,
Good to be connected with you. As a specialist educational ICT consultant you may be interested in knowing about our Clever classroom technology for your clients; either new school builds or schools looking to update their classrooms to digital presentation. For such introductions we do remunerate the consultant although some consultancies decline the fees so as to remain independent. We have a classroom technology solution to meet every type of classroom design, budget and configuration and our clients include some of the more progressive schools in Africa and around the world. Our reputation for service and support is widely acknowledged and we operate six days a week to service schools on all seven continents.
Please let me know if you would like to receive a summary email of our products.
With my regards

Was just wondering who is corrupting who here? Is this the modus operandi nowadays?
What a nice way of saying "Hey we can give a kick-back".  Ha!Talk about corruption going global.

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Nicholas Kimolo said...

This is so true. I tell you